International Reach

Ever since the creation of the company in 1985, Pro-Fab Metals has been pushing the growth of the company with a focus on local and foreign development. Having completed jobs in almost every state of the US, multiple countries, and even multiple continents, Pro-Fab Metals is truly a company of international reach. Why this level of success? It is simply because we guarantee only the best to our customers, and work hard to provide our services on time and to specifications.

Our diverse experiences allow us to work with customers to meet all of their needs. When working in overseas markets, we have been able to provide labor and design for our projects. However we have also dealt with situations in which we serve as a consultant by providing design and engineering services and oversee the completion of the project through use of sub-contracted third parties.

Some of the services we offer (but are certainly not limited to) are:

- CNC High Definition Plasma Cutting Table

- CNC Operated Press Brakes

- In-Facility Powder Coating System

- Sandblasting Facility and System

- Customized Design and Engineering

- Assembly Work/Mass Production Services

- Equipment and Machinery Refurbishment

- Custom Installation and Fabrication

- Fit-to-Order Manufacturing


If you have any questions, or would like to contact us about a quote or consultation, please do not hesitate to call or contact us online.

Wuhan, China Dust Collector
This dust collector was designed and built in Pro-Fab's own facilities, then transported to China where it was assembled and installed.

Tepo Bag HousePictured above is a 65,000 CFM dust collector built by Pro-Fab (along with stairwell and mezzanine) that is currently located in central Mexico.

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