Pro-Fab's many years in the industrial market has allowed us to gain a wide range of abilities in constructing and designing equipment for our customers. Serving companies of all sizes - corporate, small business, etc. - gives us the experience to provide quality solutions that are uniquely designed for our customers.

In addition to fabrication and installation projects, we have also done a considerable amount of manufacturing. As a manufacturer, we have done both small quantities of products for specific needs while also having the capacatiy to output as many as 40,000 lbs of manufactured product per week. Another ability we market to our customers is our ability to refurbish and restore machinery so that it meets both domestic safety and operational standards, and is compatible for operation in oversees markets.

On the left pane is a collection of a few of the assorted projects we have designed and constructed. Among the pictured items are duct systems, conveyors, industrial washers, and many other systems. If you have any questions about the pictured items, or find something that you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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