At Pro-Fab, we specialize in a number of specific areas, and havea great deal of
experience and knowledge on the design and production of the following items:

- Mezzanines (OSHA compliant with stairs, rails, toe guards, etc.)
- Concrete Structures (loading bays, piers, bollards, retaining walls)
- Machining (reverse engineering, print generation, heat treating, case hardening)
- Structural Members (providing connecting and supportive truss, etc.)
- Gas Burners, Ovens, and other heat generative equipment
- Air-Flow Systems (Dust Collectors, Filtration, Duct Systems)
- Plant Expansion and/or Relocation
- Industrial Washers (Solvent and Aqueous Degreasers)

Furthermore, we offer the following capabilities and options:

- CNC High Definition Plasma Cutting Table
- CNC Operated Press Brakes
- In-Facility Powder Coating System
- Sandblasting Facility and System
- Customized Design and Engineering
- Assembly Work/Mass Production Services
- Equipment and Machinery Refurbishment
- Custom Installation and Fabrication
- Fit-to-Order Manufacturing

Industrial Washer System
Pictured above is a custom desgined industrial washer
that was built and installed by Pro-Fab

Structural Implements
We are capable of producing and installing any kind of
structural support both individually and in connection
with previously existent structural systems.

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